A place to experiment and inspire. Here we put ideas on the table, identify business problems, find solutions and co-create value between partners, startups and academic institutions. The starting point of something big.
Design Thinking

1 – 2 days

Problem-solving journey where participants take a step back from the day2day working environment at their company; look at the business from a customer-centric perspective, get inspired with tech and trend talks on the Unlimiteck vision and experience in IoT, IA, Robotics and Blockchain, create ideas, identify key issues together, and brainstorm on new approaches to tackle these issues.

Design Sprint

2 – 4 days

Unlimiteck’s design sprint is a flexible time-boxed challenge-driven framework for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and idea testing. The framework consists of five parts: ideation, sketching, deciding, prototyping and testing, then reiterate.

Digital Transformation Journey.

Immersive experience aimed at updating and inspiring participants to generate new ideas and further develop them to support the digital transformation of the company.

Pre Workshop: Warm Up


Set the context for your digital transformation

Workshop: Hands On

2 days

Generate and develop ideas to support your business digital transformation

Post Workshop: Implement

6 months

Support on further development and implementation of the ideas

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