We enable entrepreneurship.

Connect Lab_

Leverage tech innovations from startups

Startups have the solution, big corporations have the resources. We carry out global scouting processes to track down innovative and scalable startups using the latest technologies that can solve the innovation challenges big corporations face.

Scouting _

Observatory _

Intrapreneurship _

Innovation Lab_

Get inspired with an entrepreneurial mindset
A place to experiment and inspire. Here we put ideas on the table, identify business problems, find solutions and co-create value between partners, startups and academic institutions. The starting point of something big.

Design Thinking _

Bootcamps _

Hackathons _

Startup Lab_

Create, launch, accelerate: from scratch

We collaborate with big corporations to turn their projects and ideas into startups. We provide startups with the capital, resources and leadership needed to be launched and scaled.

Acceleration _

Venture Creation _

Co-investment _